Not sure why leasing could be a better option than ownership for your company? Consider the following benefits and contact Money in Motion for more information about our construction equipment financing and leasing options.

Here are just three significant advantages to consider:

  1. Cash flow is consistent. Rather than parting with a huge sum of money for a down payment, then making monthly payments with fluctuating interest rates, you get peace of mind. Leasing options give you more cash flow with predictable monthly payments and the option for tailored plans.
  2. Flexibility today and tomorrow. Enjoy the option to spend profits on areas of business other than equipment. You can also determine the length of the lease, accounting for seasonal demand, changes in the job types you acquire, and any other contract changes. Owning heavy equipment that is unusable for half the year does not provide much room for financial flexibility or upgrades with new technology.
  3. Current technology today. In addition to the option of short-term leases and upgrades to new equipment, these agreements also allow you to enjoy immediate access. When trying to purchase equipment, many companies are faced with wait times and ordering delays due to high demand and issues with manufacturing. Leasing construction equipment in Canada provides a quick and viable option to get work started as soon as possible with the right tools.

Money in Motion offers tailored options and programs designed with different types of business owners in mind. Contact us to learn more about the financial and practical benefits of construction equipment leasing in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, as well as other Canadian cities. Whether you are a foreman or own many construction companies, we have an equipment leasing and financing plan that offers you both stability and flexibility for your business.

Meet with the team at Money in Motion to tell us more about your situation. Financial concerns, productivity goals, and expansions can all be accommodated with our range of equipment leasing options. Contact us to find out more about how our financing programs can help.

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