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Money makes the world go around and if you or your customers can’t secure financing for your products then feel free to give us a call. Money in Motion offers a wide range of financial services including equipment leasing and if you’re in the equipment business, you should consider Money in Motion as your vendor leasing financing partner.

MIM welcomes vendor professionals desiring to join our Leasing Vendor Programs. Following our standard procedures, a custom program is offered to each individual vendor applying.

Teaming with MIM can give you the advantage of being backed by a reputable leasing company, but more importantly, your customer will receive the service they deserve and you will increase sales.

  • Quick Turnaround

    time so both you and your customer can get back to business.

  • Free Up Cash

    You’ll have your very own Account Manager to help with the entire process, and you’ll also have a small army of Customer Service reps who have your back.

  • Enjoy The Peace Of Mind

    & stability that comes from more than 28 years of experience in equipment leasing.

Money In Motion

“Dedicated to helping Equipment Vendors sell more equipment.” (Team Money In Motion).

Welcomes Vendor Professionals desiring to join our Leasing Vendor Programs. We offer a custom tailored program for all types of equipment vendors.



  • We can assist your new and used sales department in increasing sales by simply approving more transactions
  • We have no issue doing 100% financing when the credit qualifies or with appropriate cross collateral’s
  • Our current approval ratio exceeds 90% which again means more sales for you. No need to shop your deal.
  • We turn credit normally within 24 hours and often much quicker depending on information supplied.
  • We will finance large and unexpected repairs.
  • We have no issue with older equipment. This opens up new opportunities on very good used units.
  • We can pay our vendor partners through direct deposit.
  • We will not release your client’s trade-up amount to another vendor.

Equipment Cost Variance: Money In Motion will finance Transportation assets to 10 yr’s old, slightly older if the use is vocational.

Terms Variance: 24-66 months with and without residuals

Standard IPC (Initial Down Payment): Is to be equivalent of 10% or can be offset with collateral.